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Brandon Bays is one of the most dynamic and profoundly innovative teachers in the field of mind-body healing today. She is known for her warmth, caring, and spontaneous humor. Over the last 30 years Brandon has become highly trained in all types of personal development, and remains at the cutting edge of mind-body healing. Her work is inspirational. It has been enthusiastically endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candace Pert, John Grey, Wayne Dyer, Jane Seymour, Anthony Robbins, and many others.

The Journey™ Process Experience

When I first met Brandon Bays in Canada, I think it was in 1996, I was astounded by the tremendous, bountiful, HUGE loving presence that this petite woman from California put forth.

It was Lipi Bagshaw who told me I MUST meet this woman. That she had an incredible story to tell and that her weekend seminar would be transformational. I have total respect for Lipi’s opinion, and made plans to attend The Journey weekend in Edmonton, Alberta.

To be perfectly honest, I could not tell you in any great detail what exactly took place. It was so completely experiential. You had to be there.

Brandon told us her story of a growing tummy that she had been ignoring for a long time. When she finally went to a doctor, she was told she had massive abdominal tumour the size of a basketball. Brandon, being Brandon, would not accept doctor’s orders to admit herself into hospital right away for the tumour to be removed. Having spent 10 years studying and teaching alternative health techniques, she saw the tumour as a gift to heal in a powerful, self-guided way. She convinced the doctor to give her a few weeks to try all she knew about alternative methods, before resorting to going under the knife. She was given a few short weeks.

She tells her story in greater detail in her book called, "The Journey", which I highly recommend you read.

Amazingly, after just 6 weeks, Brandon returned to have every test possible, to prove that the tumour had disappeared. With a clean bill of health, and a brand new process she designed out of the necessity to heal her body through love, understanding and patience, The Journey process was born.

At this seminar in Edmonton, Brandon illustrated the Emotional Journey by guiding Darren Bagshaw through layers of emotions, triggering a long-forgotten memory that could surface and finally be healed. As we watched, Darren's entire physiology changed from pain to peace. And once the process was done, he looked so relaxed and relieved of something that had been burdening him subconsciously for many years.

Moreover, our group of about 30 attendees had also transformed as we riveted our attention on Darren's process. We, too, went through every emotion along with him, and came out of it transformed. Wrinkles smoothed, eyes cleared, everyone looked a bit different, a bit healthier.

Then Lipi was guided through a Physical Journey as we looked on. In her third trimester of pregnancy, she wanted to know how the baby was doing. Brandon guided her through a visualisation meditation, which involved picturing herself greeting a mentor of her choice, a spiritual teacher or guide, someone she trusted to accompany her on the journey through her body.

Suddenly, Lipi was overcome by a joyous emotion, with big tears streaming down her face. She was obviously visualising the presence of someone deeply important and meaningful to her. Simultaneously, I witnessed the most beautiful and profoundly colourful aura I had even seen, surrounding Lipi and partly around Brandon. I could not believe my eyes and questioned a trick of the room's lighting, the angle I sat in, or my eyesight, but after testing the validity of my doubts, I realized that these gorgeous, vibrant layers of rainbow light around the 2 women were real and very much there.

The aura seemed to begin several inches distance from Lipi's body. It began at about her hip, and ran around her shoulders, head, and up around the shoulders and head of Brandon as she sat next to Lipi. It was made up of layers of all the colours of the rainbow, with a layer of gold that streamed outward through the rainbow. The aura glowed and pulsed, becoming brighter, fainter, then brighter again, as Lipi continued through her Physical Journey.

She saw the baby, and the baby was doing very well. It was only after Lipi had seen the baby and was saying goodbye to her visualised mentor, that the aura slowly faded and disappeared entirely.

I don't know if anyone else saw that aura, but what I do know is that everyone saw a complete physical transformation in everyone else's physiology.

The Journey process accesses the root of dis-ease, at the cellular level. By uncovering buried hurt and pain and having the chance to resolve it, it can finally heal and mend and move forward in perfect health.

After being shown how The Journey process is done, we all paired up and led our partner through The Journey with the help of a written script. It was a little embarassing, because I was worried that my deep dark secret shameful memories might surface in front of a stranger.

Within moments of beginning, I hit a layer of emotion so deep that it excavated a memory I thought I had dealt with completely. Mentally, emotionally, rationally. I thought I was well and truly "over" my miscarriage some 12 years earlier. Yet all of a sudden, the memories rushed forth in full force, as though I was experiencing it all over again. I cried from the deepest place in my heart, uncontrollably, like I'd never cried about it before. It was enormous, yet brief, as Brandon guided me down to the layer of emotion beneath the pain of the experience. I was gradually led to a place of boundless bliss, Source. I was then able to "speak to" every emotion from that place of bliss. To advise, to comment, to heal all the layers of emotion I had just passed through.

When the process was complete, I felt refreshed and brand new. I felt calm, relaxed and accepting of myself and my past.

I had always had this way of holding tension in my jaw. So much so, that I would often wake up with a painful cramping feeling in my gums. My back teeth were pushing my front teeth so that my two bottom front teeth began to overlap. The doctor had suggested I sleep with a mouth protector used in sports, to prevent myself from clenching my jaw as I slept. Somehow, I just couldn't do that.

When I saw myself in the mirror shortly after the Emotional Journey, I looked like a completely different person! My jaw had relaxed so much that my face looked longer, more oval, rather than round. The tension in my jaw was completely gone. My eyes looked brighter, greener. I looked and felt so refreshed. For the first time since it happened, I was actually able to say the word "miscarriage" in reference to myself, having experienced this loss. It was only then that I was even aware that I had been unable to talk about it. Now, it carried no emotional charge whatsoever. I could say it, yes, I had a miscarriage, in a matter of fact way, without feeling sorry for myself, without feeling a victim or wanting to blame life, other people and circumstances. It simply happened.

The Journey process was, for me, a profound lesson about the Truth that memories are indeed held in our bodies on a cellular level. Until or unless we face our pain, they get stored there, able to fester over time, gradually creating illness.

By facing our feelings head on, one way or another, by releasing our pain, and fully experiencing our emotions, we are able to process them, learn, and move on, in a healthy way.

The Journey Revisited in May 2002

One of the reasons I came to live in the UK in 1998 was because I was interested in following Brandon Bays’ work. And yet it took me 4 years of postponing, before I had enough courage to go back to one of her events. Actually, I did try to go to a Journey Intensive weekend 2 years after I arrived in the UK. I attended the Friday evening of training prior to the weekend. (As a Journey grad, you can be a trainer at the weekend.) But I came down with the most vicious of ear infections and could not attend the rest of the weekend! The ear was the worst it has ever been in my life, so that even the doctor exclaimed, “I’ve never seen anything like this before!” The ear was completely closed up. It was wickedly painful. I knew that there was something I was not yet willing to hear, and thus manifested this ear infection.

But in May 2002, I was ready to hear. I was floored by the number of attendees! Over 300! Because it was my first time as a trainer, and especially because it had been years since I first went through the weekend, I was fortunate enough to experience the event pretty much as a participant.

The emotional journey was profound. I felt like I’d been run over by a steamroller, but I knew this had to happen, in order for me to make great strides. I released a great deal of pain I’d been carrying since my mother’s passing. And the wheezing I’d been experiencing for a long time, disappeared for about 2 months.

The physical journey was a surprise. It is amazing what unexpected, long forgotten memories suddenly resurface with great meaning. I was able to make a shift in my thinking, in an area I didn’t even realize that I was holding back.

Sometimes when you return to a profound therapy after a long absence, you wonder why you ever left it behind.

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Quotes by Brandon Bays

[On forgiveness] It requires humility. It requires us to give up our righteous indignation, get off our soapbox, let go of blame, and let go of the pride of being right. It means we have to be willing to drop our victim story, soften our stance, and if necessary, let our heart be broken wide open.

What The Journey really does is strip away the limitations and reveal the natural, shining potential, the boundless joy, all-embracing love that is at our core.

Everyone longs to be free. Freedom is our essential nature, so my ultimate prayer is that the world is set free to experience the truth and the beauty of our own being.

Deep inside all of us a huge potential beckons, waiting to open us to the joy, genius, freedom and love within.

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