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Gary Quinn is an international best-selling author and Life Coach. He shares his insights through self-help motivational books, CDs, tv and radio. He presents workshops and seminars worldwide. Gary is the founder of Our Living Center – Touchstone For Life based in Los Angeles, California. He has developed the Touchstone For Life Coaching Certification program which trains, transforms and empowers individuals to create fulfilling lives.

Connecting with Gary Quinn

I feel very blessed to have made the acquaintance of Gary Quinn. Gary sent me a lovely email after seeing my original website. He offered to send me his books and meditation CDs, for which I was very grateful.

Gary’s energy is amazing. It shines through every word, be it written or verbal. In my own correspondence with Gary, he is a true blessing to know. He has a kind heart, and has a supportive and encouraging way about him.

In the UK, Gary has appeared on popular television shows throughout 2003, such as This Morning with Fern and Phillip on ITV and Richard & Judy on channel 4.

In the USA, he’s been on tv shows with Leeza Gibbons, Dick Clark, Chevy Chase, and on numerous daytime tv talk shows throughout North America, including networks such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and The Discovery Channel.

Gary has been a guest on Shirley MacLaine’s radio show several times. You can read her interpretation of his work in the article, The Power of Angels. Gary has also been on over 250 other radio programs, at stations as far as Australia.

His work has been written about in top newspapers worldwide – including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Toronto Sun in Canada and The Evening Standard in the UK – and in high profile magazines, such as Vogue, InStyle, Woman’s Weekly, Bella and Avanti.

Book Review of The YES Frequency

Say "yes" to "YES"!

I found myself smiling for extended periods as I read Gary Quinn's latest book, "The Yes Frequency". Gary dares to challenge you to face the "NO" demons in your head, and replace them resolvingly with "YES!"

What I like about this book is its simple, no-nonsense advice. It doesn't ask you to do any major personality overhauls or deep analytical digging into your past. Instead, it puts forward a premise that is pretty direct. It's like a hit of espresso that wakes you up in one quick gulp. There is a matter-of-fact-ness to this book, and the whole idea of The YES Frequency. Unlike many self help books, this one doesn't demand hard work and scrutiny to change your life. It offers subtle tweaks to cause major shifts. It makes change easy. I like easy.

Towards the end of the book, I thought, wouldn't it be great if some of these "YES" affirmations were on CD? A few pages later, I see there already is one. If you like Gary's books, you'll love his CDs! Listen to samples: The YES Frequency.

(I asked Gary a few questions about this book. Read his answers at my blog post, Gary Quinn: The YES Frequency.)

Book Review of May the Angels Be With You

This book has been a catalyst for dramatic change in my life. I feel it in my bones, my blood and my deepest soul. It has opened me up to the truth of who I really am and asked me to step up and into my own greatness.

Unlike many angel books, this one isn’t about names, archetype, hierarchy or history. May the Angels Be With You is about their power, and how inviting powerful angelic qualities to accompany you in every day life can dramatically change the results you are manifesting. This is much more valuable knowledge of the angels, in my opinion.

There are many inspirational examples of great turn-arounds in people’s lives after connecting with the angels. There were a number of points in the book where I literally broke down and cried, because it so spoke to me. Doreen’s story (pages 115 to 126) is my story, and her lessons are brought home to me through this book.

May the Angels Be With You   brought to the surface some deeply hidden blocks that I was completely unaware of – blocks that have been the final hurdles between me and my destiny. Now, I feel powerful enough, with the help and assistance of Gary’s book and the angels he introduced me to, to kick those blocks off my path forever!

It seemed like every time I opened this book to read a little bit more, the paragraphs spoke to me personally. Just what I’d been thinking about, issues I’d been at that moment grappling with, those were specifically addressed. In the back of my mind I thought (with an inner smile), what is going on? – knowing all along that through Gary’s book, the angels being introduced to me, were the ones that were also guiding me. I was getting answers!

I’d quote the whole book in its entirety here, if I could! It flows like a finely weaved silk, it all makes best sense as a whole. That’s why I highly recommend you read this book! But as a quick taste, see my favourite quotes at the right.

As Gary says, it doesn’t matter if you believe in angels or how you imagine them to be. All you have to be aware of is their qualities, which can help you so much, if only you just ask!

Reviews of Gary Quinn’s Meditation CDs

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to share with you my experience with Gary’s meditation CDs. He talks about spirituality in a poetic, flowing way; then follows each talk with a gentle guided meditation.

Gary has a soft, gentle voice that is very relaxing to listen to. The tempo of his voice soothes the soul and the background music supporting his words send out a healing vibration as you soak in the messages of these CDs.

Experiencing Your Greatness: Give Yourself Permission to Live

This CD includes:
The Time Is Now
Becoming Who You Are
Creating Your Life
Opening to the Magic

This CD presents a process that is refreshingly different from other meditations I’ve heard, and it definitely works for me! It expands my imagination to view myself in a new and different – somehow more wondrous – way than ever before, and it is such a beautiful, expansive experience!

I found the track “Becoming Who You Are” particularly empowering, strong and loving. It makes me embrace all possibilities and potentials for my life. I love it so much, I can listen to it over and over – in fact, I DO listen to it on a very regular basis! It strengthens the vision of who I am, reminds me of my potential and my possibilities. This CD helps me to move beyond the intentions I have set for myself.

This CD is an investment in yourself. I highly recommend listening to again and again, because it is so empowering, yet in a gentle and self-accepting way. I absolutely love it!

Experiencing Your Greatness II: Give Yourself Permission to Love

It is with massive gratitude that I congratulate Gary Quinn for creating this meditation CD. Everyone should listen to it. It is so greatly self -affirming, I truly believe it can change your life with just one listen. It will set the record straight for you, about the True Nature of your Being: that IT IS LOVE.

This CD includes:
Loving Yourself
Loving Beyond Yourself
Being Love
Creating Love (When it is most difficult)

What is precious about this CD is the way it makes me feel such a deep and profound love of my Self and the entire universe, simply by sitting and listening. No effort is involved whatsoever!

It inspires so much beautiful imagery in my inner vision as well – affirming to me our vast potential for creating astounding lives!

This CD is exceptionally useful with a most amazing method for manifesting your heart’s desire, easily and almost effortlessly. Using only a tiny bit of your imagination, you instantly BECOME your intentions, simply through recognising your core essence as pure love.

This is another CD I intend to listen to again and again, because it instantly puts me in a place of feeling love and self-acceptance without having to think about it. I simply AM love, and basking in it!

Interview with Gary Quinn

When did you first notice Angels in your life?

I was actually five – but I did not know that it was an angel. I know the first actual reality situation was in Paris, France. Notre Dame cathedral. It sounds incredible, but it was. I was in Paris to work, and found out that the work was not available. I then went into a crisis mode, because I felt that there was no hope. Then I realized that an Angel made an appearance to give me a major life changing message.

In your book, May the Angels Be With You, you introduce angels by their qualities rather than by a ‘proper name’. Why?

The reason I did that is because the messages that I received from my guides told me to make it simple for readers, so that they can see that Love means Angels. Peace means Angels. There is no difference in the wording. The vibration and energy was the message. I simply followed directions.

How do you use the power of Angels in your daily practice working one-to-one with clients?

My work has had so many openings and letting a new and powerful energy in. I still work with my guides, but my work is now called life coaching. I connect the dots for people, meaning: I give them the power of the information that they can actually take the steps to implement it, so that they can see results. That was the basis of taking on the steps of me becoming the teacher. I had to up the information so that people could see major results.

Do you see or speak with Angels?

I am not even aware of doing it. It comes so naturally to me. They are always with me. I think my awareness is so fine tuned; I trust that they are always there.

What has personally been your most astonishing 'evidence' of the existence of Angels?

I believe the making of the book, May the Angels Be With You, was the evidence. Without the Angels, it would have never happened. Anything I do, is evidence. I remember before going into the publishing company, Random House, in New York City. I said, “This is your book . Tell me what to do.” That is how it happened. Random House was the only book company I said that to. Then I did the same with Random House in the UK. They gave me the appointment, and Random House in the USA said they’d only give me a 3 city book tour. My angels gave me a 32 city USA book tour. That is a miracle. Everything I do is this way.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am so busy at the moment! I have completed the 4 audio CDs of Experience Your Greatness series – the “tools for successful living”. We are working on a workbook, affirmation cards and an actual book of Experience Your Greatness. I am also completing final touches on my newest book coming out in November 2004, "Living in The Spiritual Zone – 10 steps to Forgiveness and the Life you Want”. I am currently touring all over the USA. I will be coming to the UK in October and November. I will be doing seminars in London, Bristol and loads of other publicity engagements. I am filming a television special for Canada, and working on my series pre-production. I have a great children's book in the works with another author, Cheryl Murphy. We have a beautiful children's book with a message. It is so brilliant! It will inspire children and give them great confidence. So, do I sleep? Yes! My agent refers to me as the male spiritual MADONNA. I have so many things coming out!

But the exciting news is: THE MESSAGE WILL EMPOWER EVERYONE TO LIVE THEIR DREAMS! That is why I do it.

What do you love most about your life?

That I love what I am doing. I am blessed with information and wonderful and beautiful people who support what I do. That I can help people all over the world. I think that is the greatest thing in life: to help ourselves, but be of service to others. We are living in LOVE! all the time. That is the MESSAGE.

Thank you Gary, for your infectious enthusiasm for life!

Update: Meeting Gary in Llandudno

I think it was November of 2007, perhaps? Gary Quinn was presenting a one-day workshop in Llandudno, North Wales, as he’d done annual for several years before and since. This particular year, I had the time and the vehicle to make the drive up through the mountains to finally meet him in person and experience his work in action.

Gary Quinn is very down-to-earth and approachable. He is gently supportive and encouraging, with just the right amount of prodding to get you to stretch out of your comfort zone feeling safe and nurtured through the toughest parts.

I’m aware that Gary’s work has stretched even further across the globe, and is now presented in several languages. Even still, he has maintained that very accessible, approachable way about him. If you ever have a chance to attend an event with Gary, I am certain you’ll find it inspiring, refreshing, uplifting and highly enjoyable!

Gary Quinn’s website

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Quotes by Gary Quinn

Angels have so much to tell us. And we can benefit so profoundly from what they want to teach us. The very world would heal if, collectively, “it” – we – learned to heed their call. p14

What she wanted and needed in her life was waiting for her; what she wanted wanted her, and her angels wanted to help her actively to attain it. p34

Your angels want you to contact them: it is in all your interests that your means of “hearing” them or feeling their influence be as simple as possible. Don’t expect this to be hard: it’s not. Don’t look for spirits and auras and ghosts as you look for your angels: just return to childhood and “pretend” that they’re there. That’s enough to beckon them closer to you. That’s enough to open your soul’s door to the guidance and unconditional love they offer you every moment of your life. Open the channels as simply as you can, and the infinite abundance of the universe will flood through. p42-43

The problem isn’t getting what you want – it’s accepting it when it comes! p54

From the first angel we met in this parade, the Angel of Vision, we learned that grabbing at a “picture” of something we think we want won’t get us very far: that kind of needy, desperate seeking rarely gets us anything more than a short-term relief or solution.

Then there’s the seeking of a child: open, trusting, curious, loving, with few expectations of how anything “ought” to turn out. This kind of seeking is itself a kind of meditation, a way of keeping the psychic pores open so that you can take in whatever you need to take in to move forward. It leads us to the most compelling intentions we can know, intentions born of the heart and spirit whose life and specificity guarantee that they will manifest. p105-106

Set your goals in life as if you have already attained them. Do not make false divisions between idea and reality, desire and actuality. p112

Spontaneously, inevitably, just by allowing the angels’ lessons to register deep within us, and by enjoying all the gifts they bestow, we begin to feel connected to the world in profoundly generative ways. We know we’re not alone. p113

“…unspeakably hurt that no one in my family understood how important it was to me! It was like they’d dismissed some part of my soul. How could they love me and not at least try to understand what all this meant to me?” p121, from Doreen’s stor

“I now knew I didn’t have to run away from myself anymore – I didn’t have to defend or explain anything to anybody! I learned that happiness depended on shamelessly enjoying who you were! This was life-changing news.
p123, from Doreen’s story

“I never realized how fertile the peace that comes from knowing and not fighting yourself, loving yourself, is. I never realized how much good work it can help you get done!”
p124, from Doreen’s story

She discovered the profound truth that we are most secure in the world when we know, accept, and love who we are. This doesn’t mean that everyone else is going to know, accept, and love us, too. p126

She no longer registered these family reactions as attack. She registered them as evidence of her family being itself. p126

True peace is not earned through conflict – something you can only achieve after a war. Peace proceeds from letting go. Peace resolves conflict. p127

So many assumptions and ideas begin to change their meanings when we let angels into our lives. p129

…the root of the word courage is heart. Courage acquaints us with trust. We are courageous when we reconnect with love, with the power of the heart, to trust that even when we cannot foresee the outcome, we will benefit by taking the actions our “higher” selves – and our angelic guides – encourage us to take. Courage can be – ultimately always is – joyful. p133

How do you contact these beings?

First, don’t forget what we learned at the outset: you don’t have to experience some “vision” of an angel to be helped by an angel or even to feel an angel’s presence. The first suggestion is always to act “as if”. Amazing things will happen if you never get further than that. p136

You are not trapped in the material world.

You are not your bank account, fame, or job. p152

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