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Rhonda Britten is a globally recognized expert on the subject of fear and fearlessness. Rhonda’s passion for overcoming emotional fears was born of personal tragedy. Orphaned at 14, she witnessed her parents’ murder-suicide. Rhonda’s own courage to heal helped her to develop the principles and resources that she now uses to assist people worldwide. She is the author of 4 bestsellers and a Life Coach catalyst on over 500 episodes of reality television. She is founder of the Fearless Living Institute, an organization dedicated to helping people master emotional fears.

Fearlessly Working Wonders

When I spotted the TV listing for the ‘Life Doctor’ series on channel 5 in the UK, I thought this is the kind of program that is right up my alley. Rhonda spent 30 days as a Life Coach with someone, getting them to change their lives, and you saw it all happen in 30 minutes on TV. Impressive stuff. I liked Rhonda’s way. She would tell people exactly the way it is, whether they wanted to hear it or not. She had compassion, yet was firmly operating in the person’s best interest, and not out to win a popularity contest. I admired her guts. She knew what had to be said and done, and she’d do it. She’d get the people she was coaching to do what they needed to do. Wow. I had to meet this woman.

In one of the episodes, I saw Rhonda actually coach someone I once worked with! Having had personal experience of this person, I knew exactly what Rhonda was up against. TV couldn’t show the half the challenge Rhonda had to meet. And she sailed through it with flying colours, reaching someone on a level I thought simply would not want to change too much. Rhonda worked wonders!

Since she’s from the USA, I thought I ought to grab the opportunity to meet her at her seminar in London in June 2002. I was so excited about it. And yet as the days before the event drew closer, I was starting to slip into fear. What if the seminar changes my life? What if I make decisions that other people in my life can’t live with? I was afraid the impact could devastate what my life had comfortably grown into.

The seminar was intense. I had read her book 2 weeks before and got a lot out of it, but the seminar took us to a greater depth. It took us from theory to experience. A lot of the exercises were set up in such a way, that it took experiencing them, in order to metabolize the message of Fearless Living.

And did I change? Boy did I change. Everything changed. I started speaking my truth to the most important people in my daily life, and instead of them running a mile, we were all much happier. Now, I’m sure that is not always the case. But it seems people pleasing doesn’t always help the other people in your life in the way that you think it does. Sometimes, even they need to hear you say no to them, to stand your ground with them, so that they learn to stand on their own two feet and take more responsibility for their own lives.

I talk differently now. People notice, and even if they don’t like or agree with me, they value that I’ve said my honest truth. They know where I stand, and where they stand with me. And that gives them the courage to do the same with me.

I’ve also decided to stop putting everyone and everything else ahead of myself on my priority list. Most of all, their feelings. I learned I’m not responsible for how someone reacts to me, I’m only responsible for myself.

I’ve learned to isolate what triggers my fears. That awareness alone helps me to put a halt to the vicious ‘Wheel of Fear’ cycle of self-defeating behaviours that succumbing to fear can cause. I still have fears, but I am now better equipped to spot what brings them on, and rationalize whether or not the fear is realistic. It’s usually completely unfounded, and the awareness of it allows me to re-frame my whole attitude, get out of the cycle, and onto the ‘Wheel of Freedom’, where courage and empowerment reign.

Review of Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret

This book can positively change your life. I must admit, the first few pages made me bawl my eyes out. Rhonda Britten has experienced probably the greatest personal trauma I could ever imagine anyone facing. And yet look at where she is now. It is such an honour for me to know someone like this. If she could survive and go on to be this successful, and contribute this much to people, and be so strong and fearless, well, literally anyone can, too.

Yet Rhonda doesn’t harp on it. She states the facts, so you can know where she is coming from, but she does not use it to make a point. She could, but she doesn’t. And I admire that so much, because without saying it, she illustrates clearly: we all have our crosses to bear. So what. Bear it, then get on with it. Life’s for the taking. The world’s your oyster. Go for it!

I’ve been recommending this book to anyone and everyone ever since. EVERYONE will get something from this book, I am so certain of it. It is a book that transforms people. Rhonda is a mentor for all women... for all people.

And if you’re lucky enough to get a chance to meet her in person, please do. She’s an inspiration. Yet she is ever so real and down to earth. Seeing that, affirms that anyone, (even I) can face my fears and have the life I truly want.

I’m in the process of creating that now, thanks to Rhonda!

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Visit Rhonda Britten’s website at www,fearlessliving.org

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Quotes by Rhonda Britten

The words you say to yourself create your self image.

We are contributing to the world just by being willing to be ourselves.

Being willing makes you able.

Invest in the life you have to get the life you want.

Let go of what you think life should be so you can experience the life you have.

Is what I am saying loving, compassionate, kind, empowering, or insightful?

Seeing people as innocent is the greatest gift you can give another human being: the gift of acceptance.

If you value yourself, you understand that you are a gift to anyone you meet.

Where you begin doesn't matter. Your willingness to start is what counts.

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