I write content that is meaningful to your readers.

I’ve been writing, editing, and designing audience-appropriate documents and literature since 1995. Projects include:

  • streamlined civil engineering reports
  • winning proposals
  • informative health guides
  • educational training workbooks
  • easy-to-read policies and procedures
  • uplifting newsletters
  • snazzy advertising
  • sensible branding guidelines
  • spiffy online content
  • professional bios, resumes and letters
  • fair restaurant, book, product and service reviews
  • interesting articles
  • reliable research and verified sources
  • inspirational stories based on personal interviews
  • my own and others’ books (write, edit, design, proofread, publish)

I focus on a clear and concise core message.

Some writers think they have to pad out their writing to impress the reader, or reach some kind of word quota. Everyone’s time is precious. Communication must get to the point. My writing philosophy is to keep it short and simple.

Beyond words

Written communication is about more than words. Effective document design supports the clarity of your message. I am meticulous with the following tasks:

  • document layout and design
  • consistent formatting
  • common sense style sheets
  • table of contents, footnotes and indexing
  • perfectionist artworking
  • uber-editing
  • Canadian, American or British audiences (spelling and grammar rules)

If you’d like to work together, contact me with details about the project.

See the Quirky Idea website for related services.

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